Three Things I Wish I Knew before Moving to the United States

Having lived in the United States for over two years now I believe that I have adapted well to the culture and have finally found my place. The transition was long and sometimes very difficult but here I am, happy and comfortable in my temporary home. When I look back at first moving here, I had thought I was so prepared and ready to come. I had travelled here a lot with my family....


5 Things I Love about Living in Philadelphia – an Infographic

From the moment I first visited Philadelphia I fell in love with it. From the history to the food and just about everything else. I am so lucky that I have had the opportunity to live in this amazing city. I have put together an infographic to tell you five things that I love about living in Philadelphia. Enjoy!

The 5 ‘Perks’ of Being a Student-Athlete

Becoming a student-athlete in America was something that I was very excited to do. I am now a member of Drexel University’s Division 1 Field Hockey team and I am very proud of that. In America, there is a certain ‘privilege’ that comes with being a student-athlete. People think that we are just given everything that we want, we are treated differently and therefore, we think we are better than everyone else. This, however, is not the case. Yes, don’t get me wrong, we do get some lovely perks but they don’t come without a lot of hard work and so today I am here to share with you the inside perspective of the ‘perks’ of being a student-athlete.

What do you mean “that’s not a thing here”?

Since moving over to the United States I have naturally missed many of my home comforts. I did expect that they wouldn’t have everything from home as I did visit a lot when I was younger. However, there are some things that came as a very upsetting shock to me. The things that I am about to mention may seem to you like I could live without them but I am here to tell you that it has been sooo much harder than you could even imagine. You also may think something along the lines of “we have something like that”.